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Department Courses Instructor
Art Art I & II & III & IV | Yearbook M. Keith
Business      (VDOE link) Computer Information Systems | Design Multimedia Web Technologies (web design) | Digital Applications  
Technology Curriculum Framework
D. Gillenwater
  Economics and Personal Finance Competencies  Economics Curriculum Framework T. Webb
  Career Inventory A. McConnell
Drivers Education In-Car Drivers Ed J. Flanary
English English 9 Honors | English 10 Honors | English 11 | English 11 Honors J. Shipley
  English 8 M. Jaramillo
English 8 9 10 11 TG
  English 9 10 12 | English 12 DE G. Hall
Family&Consumer Science Family Relations |  Nutrition & Wellness | Independent Living Life Planning | Leadership (links to Virginia CTE course descriptions)  |  FCCLA S. Addington
Language Spanish I | Spanish II | Spanish III M. Jaramillo
Library TSHS library and media center; Library webpage link A. McConnell
Life Skills Life Skills Joel Davis
Mathematics Geometry | Math Analysis DE | Trig DE | Algebra II  C. Meadows
  Algebra I | Algebra II | Prob Stat T. Castle
  Pre-Algebra A. Addington
  Pre Algebra | Algebra Functions | Discrete Math C. Fields
  Calculus DE  
  Pre Algebra | Algebra I  J. Flanary
Music Concert Band I II III IV V | Marching Band I II III IV V | Elementary Band  R. Carpenter
Physical Education PE 8 | Advanced PE I | (health Curriculum Framework) T. Webb
  PE 9 | PE 10 J. McCrary
   PE 10 J. Flanary
Resource English 8 9 10 11 TG
  Biology 1 (PO) | Science 8 (PO) | World Geography (PO) | US History part I & II (PO) | English 9 (PO) K. Warner
  Pre Algebra I & II (PO) | Algebra I part I (PO)  J. Flanary
Science Environmental Science    (underwater conversation | doc) A. Addington
  Chemistry I | Chemistry II | Science 8 D. Collier
  Biology I & II | Biology Honors T. Pierson
  Biology I (PO) | Science 8 (PO) K. Warner
  Earth Science (PO) TG
  Biology II Genetics ITV | Biology III DE
Social Studies World Geography | 20th Century History J. Lester
  US Government J. McCrary
  World History | US History I | 20th Century History D. George
  Humanities A. McConnell
  US History I & II (PO) | World Geography (PO) K. Warner
Cyber Security  SCCTC T. Lawson
Interactive Televised Courses (ITV) English 12 DE | Soc/Cul Geo | US Government DE | US History DE | Calculus | Trig |  (ITV courses held in TSHS Room 21) Scott County faculty
Governor's School Courses A. Linwood Holton Virginia Governor's School 
(link to course descriptions); governor school courses held in TSHS library
Virtual Virginia Courses Virtual Virginia Courses 
(link to course descriptions); courses held in TSHS library
Elite Learning (SVETN) Courses Southwest Virginia Training and Education Network 
(link to course description); courses held in TSHS library
Career Clusters

Summer Governor's School

MECC - 6 college credits

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