Tennis 2024 Schedule TSHS

Date School Location
Feb 29 2024 Gate City away scrimmage
March 5  West Ridge away
 March 11 JI Burton away  
 March 14 VA High away 1 seed only
 March 25 VA High away 1 seed only
 March 27 Union away  
 April 8 Burton UVA Wise  
 April 15 Thomas Walker away  
 April 16 Eastside away  
 April 19 Union away  
 April 22 Thomas Walker UVA Wise  
 April 25 Eastside away  

All spring sports dates are subject to change at the last minute due to weather and other circumstances.
Rescheduled dates may not appear on this web page.
Contact coaches or the school main office to verify dates and times.  (276) 479-2185.