School Information

Twin Springs High School Mission Statement

Twin Springs High School enables, inspires, and empowers students to achieve high academic standards, lead ethical lives, and become responsible citizens. Through a sustained commitment to education, Twin Springs High School aspires to establish a community of respectful, cooperative, and compassionate learners.

Twin Springs High School Vision - Inspiring Excellence and Empowering Potential

School Enrollment 

Total Students 232 Grades 8-12*

Dual-Credit Enrollment

17.44% enrolled in dual-credit high school/college courses*

Advanced Diplomas

40.4% receive advanced diplomas*

pie chart showing 40% of TS students get advanced diplomas 2017

*Source Virginia DOE 

Local School Dress Code
No caps, hats, headbands, bandannas, sunglasses
No sagging pants, tops revealing cleavage or abdomen, pajamas, rips/holes in pants above knees
No clothing containing profanity, inappropriate suggestions, drugs/alcohol/tobacco, gang insignia
No discolored or distracting eye contact lenses, dangerous apparel (spike necklaces, safety pins)
Tank tops must be tight under arms and straps three fingers wide
Tights or leggings must have shirt that hangs below hip line
No blankets

Twin Springs High School distributes Chromebooks each year to every student in 8th through 12th grade.  These laptops are used in the classroom and for Standards of Learning testing. Teachers assign and collect assignments through the use of the Chromebooks, as students actively participate in the consumption and production of digital media. Students are allowed to take the Chromebooks home each evening, and can access online learning resources from wherever they are. The goal of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative is to prepare students for college and the workplace. 
Before receipt of the Chromebook, students complete and return the Chromebook Use and Expectation and User Agreement. 
Some guidelines for Chromebook use include:
* keep food and drink away from the Chromebook
* don't apply any stickers or labels
* never leave in unlocked locker or car
* keep your battery charged for school 
* don't stack books or heavy materials on top of Chromebooks
* never share passwords
* never carry the Chromebook while the screen is open
* bring Chromebooks to class daily
* never access or store inappropriate media on the device
Read the Chromebook Agreement for further responsibilities and guidelines. 


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